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Car Buying and Leasing Guide Book

The new 2003/2004 edition of
Pro's Guide to Car Buying & Leasing
is an independently written guidebook that guarantees you will save money over and above car as well as light truck sales or leasing ads!

If you are planning very soon to buy or lease any new or used car/light truck PLEASE READ ON! Our car or truck, either new or used, is our 2nd most important investment, yet a vast majority of the buying and leasing public needlessly adds hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to their car lot sales or lease contracts.

Now, my friend, is the time to keep more of your money
by learning from the Pro's!

Let me take a step back with a short story about myself. My name is Michael and I own a temporary staffing agency (more on that later). Like you, in the past, I have purchased or leased cars and light trucks for my personal use. Additionally, among other responsibilities, I was also a transportation buyer for various corporations. During either personal or corporate sessions, the buying and leasing experience was always the same with too many hours, being bombarded with far too many cars and contract options, then the "sign now" pressure. Hours later I left emotionally exhausted with a contract in hand along with that "acid stomach guilt" over having left too much of my hard earned money or my company's budget at the dealership. I told myself, "this awful experience will never happen again." If any of these dealership/used car lot buying or leasing experiences sound familiar please read on, it gets interesting.

Well, I did do something about that dealership "acid feeling." In 2001 and 2002 I spent countless hours in our Phoenix Arizona Central Library searching through back issues of any newspaper and magazine articles reporting on the methods professional car buying services and other transportation fleet buyers use to go about car buying and leasing as well as truck buying and leasing. After two years of library research, what I discovered is that professional automobile buying and leasing methods are somewhat secretive. The key word from the last sentence was "somewhat." No one article disclosed how the pro's beat the many car lot selling systems. I needed another solution that filled in the many gaps. The ideal solution I found was to talk to a wide variety of highly experienced specialists that are closely associated with the automobile industry. As mentioned earlier, I own a temporary staffing agency, and during the course of my sales work, I have had the opportunity to interview various financial, insurance, transportation purchasing and former as well as present car sales professionals. The outcome of these highly informative interviews is an easy to follow step-by-step purchasing and leasing guide which concludes with you either buying or leasing at the lowest possible cost, all without any buy now pressure or aggravation. If this sounds too good to be true, then you will truly benefit from this exciting book that I'm about to present!

Please allow me to introduce you to possibly the best how-to buying and leasing solution available: Pro's Guide to Car Buying and Leasing. This data book with over one hundred and fifty pages is filled with absolutely the latest interesting and even fun information that will allow you to truly out maneuver the dealership or used car sales rep. I'll first help you leap into the mind of a sales rep (pages 2-5). I will then assist you with car choices based on your budget (pages 10-18), further car selection tips (beginning on page 19), adding value to your present car (page 22), behind the dealership showroom (pages 45- 49). Finally all of your researched data will be combined to form you into a true buying professional at any car lot (pages 52-75). There is also a leasing chapter (pages 76-101) that will help clarify the many difficult challenges awaiting you. Still another chapter explains used car financials, selection, inspection and buying (pages 104-139). Want to learn even more about this guidebook? Just click the Table of Contents which now includes CHAPTER ONE from Pro's Guide to Car Buying and Leasing. As you can see, this car book is jam-packed with what you need to become a well informed expert pertaining to car buying, light truck buying, car leasing or light truck leasing.

My friend, you will cost any car sales rep money because this process is now in place working for the professionals who deal with car lots daily. This data book was written from the ground up for first time as well as veteran car/truck buyers or leasers. Pro's Guide to Car Buying and Leasing will not be found in bookstores. You will receive your copy in a business style spiral binding including separate data sheets. "You mean Ill have to write things down?" Yes, this purchase or lease method will require you to complete worksheets with some short math. "Again, why?" Remember that feeling of "too many choices" I had at dealerships. Within this data book I've put together quick and interesting worksheets to preselect the car and payment options you select. With this worksheet, I'll then teach you how to "cost out" that car while at the dealership or used car lot. Once completed, this worksheet will be transformed into a uniquely functional tool within your car buying or leasing process, again just like the Pro's.

Here's the deal, at $19.95 no better yet $14.95 plus $5.95 S&H, I'm so convinced that this buying and/or leasing method will save you more money than you thought possible, that I will back it up with a thirty day money back guarantee. If not satisfied, just return the undamaged guidebook and I will quickly refund your cost minus my original $5.95 shipping and handling costs. Wow, the cost of a dinner out to save hundreds, maybe thousands, and a guarantee. So what are you waiting for? To order your copy today of Pro's Guide to Car Buying and Leasing through our completely secured credit card link select: Order. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

You will absolutely not receive any type of unsolicited mail as a result of placing an order from this site!

When knowledge leads achievement follows!

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Updated on: April 14, 2004


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